Has the festival programme been published yet?

Yes, the festival programme has been published. You can take a look at it here.

When and where will the festival take place?

The Europa Cantat festival will be held between 16 and 25 July 2021.

  • 16 July, Friday – arrival and registration
  • from 17 July to 24 July – the festival programme
  • 25 July, Sunday – departure of participants

The festival will take place on different venues around Ljubljana, mostly in the Cankarjev dom cultural and congress centre and on the Novi trg Square.

How does a typical festival day look like?

Full of activities!
The entire festival schedule is available here.

What activities will take place in the morning?

In the morning, you can participate in:

  • Ateliers (click) – 3-hour intense choir practices under the mentorship of renowned conductors with a final performance. The ateliers last for 4, 6 or 8 days.
  • Study Tours (click) – they last for 4 or 8 days and are aimed at professional public (music students, conductors, composers and interpreters, music teachers).
  • The PULSE programme (click) – you can make your own decision about the PULSE programme: you can EITHER attend 2 out of 6 daily 1-hour lectures and workshops OR attend a daily Study Tour that involves a daily visit of ateliers, getting to know their content and discussing the repertoire, interpretation, ways of leading exercises and other topics.
  • 1-day Discovery Ateliers (click) – daily 3-hour workshops or choir practices where you will get acquainted with different choir repertoires and other music-related topics.
    Each day you will be able to choose 1 out of 2 to 4 ateliers that will be running at the same time. There will be no final performance at the end of 1-day ateliers.

What activities will take place in the afternoon and in the evening?

In the afternoon, you can participate in the following activities:

  • An EXPO visit – music publishers’ sales exhibition where you will be able to purchase scores and musical accessories.
  • Open singing – a collective open-air singing event (at Novi trg Square).
  • Final performances of ateliers.
  • Concerts of participating choirs and vocal ensembles.

In the evening, you are most welcome to listen to:

The participants of C-level ateliers are required to upload a recording. What do I have to do?

The instructions for registering to a C-level atelier are as follows:

  • Date of recording: 2019 or 2020
  • Format: mp3, mp4 or a YouTube clip
  • File size: max 100mB

Type of song and number of recordings:

  • Individual participant: 1 recording (song, aria or a choral piece with band or a capella) no more than 3 minutes;
  • Group (couple, friends or family): 1 or 2 recordings, no more than 3 min each, with solo performancec of each member (song, aria or a choral piece with band or a capella). Please, mark each singer on the recording. If this is not possible, write it down in the comments at the end of the registration form;
  • Vocal ensemble (C7 or C8 ateliers): 2 recordings (no more than 3 min each) of your a cappella songs of different styles;
  • Choir: 1 recording of an a capella choir song (DO NOT upload arrangements of pop or folk songs) no more than 5 minutes;

NATIONAL YOUTH CHOIR (D-level ateliers)

Can any youth choir register for these ateliers? We are not a national youth choir, but we like the repertoire. Can we register as well?

Sorry, but you cannot register. These ateliers are only intended for auditioned national youth choirs or choirs in large countries where only regional youth choirs are established (and there are no national youth choirs). Singers have to audition and there is an official age limit that applies for “youth choirs”, although some individual singers can be slightly over 27. Singers usually have to leave the national youth choir when they reach a certain age, so the choir does not “grow older” together and there is a regular inflow of young singers.
Other excellent youth choirs should choose a C-level atelier if they want to participate in a top-level workshop.

If you’re unsure whether your choir can be considered as a national youth choir, send us a message and links to the recordings of your choir and we will check it with the music commission. However, this will only be possible if your choir auditions young singers from the entire country or region (if you live in a large country where there is no national youth choir and only regional youth choirs are established). There is no guarantee that your choir will be accepted, and you are required to indicate “regular” ateliers from the categories of A–B as well as your 2nd and 3rd choices. If the music commission cannot approve you as a national youth choir, you will be attributed to your 2nd or 3rd choice.

Please understand that we have to be strict with these rules because we receive EU-funding for these special ateliers that have to be available to their particular target group.

Can individual singers register for these ateliers?

Sorry, no. These ateliers are only intended for full choirs.

Can choirs with singers over the age of 27 apply?

If your choir is an auditioned national youth choir or a regional youth choir in a large country with the upper age limit of over 27, this will be possible. This is also the case for choirs with an upper age limit of 27 years, which have some individual singers who have already reached this age.

However, singers older than 27 years (as well as all accompanying persons) will have to pay a higher participation fee since we offer special lower fees for young participants under the age of 27. 

Normally we have to indicate 3 options for ateliers, but we can only participate at the festival for 4 days (half-package deal). What should we do in the registration form?

Since the registration form requires 3 options, please indicate 2 regular ateliers (B- or C-levels) because the 2nd and 3rd choice that apply for the full festival are not an option for you.

Will there be some specific accommodation arrangement for the participating youth choirs?

No, there will be no special accommodation offer for National Youth Choirs. However, a chosen travel agency (click here) will be handling all the accommodation issues.

Will be the meals at the Europa Cantat festival in Ljubljana free of charge for all the NYC singers?

Yes, the budget of the EPIC project covers meal costs for all participating national youth choirs (and 1 hotel room for the conductor).

Will it be possible for the singers to attend Eurochoir and come to Europa Cantat in Ljubljana with their national youth choir as well?

No, it will not be possible to attend both EuroChoir AND the Europa Cantat festival because the participants of the EuroChoir choir project will join the festival on day 5 (to be confirmed), so they would miss the first four days of ateliers and would most probably have rehearsals in the mornings of days 5 and 6.

What will be the role of the conductors at the national youth choir at Europa Cantat? Do they have a role in rehearsing or performing at the festival in the ateliers?

Conductors normally only have to take care of the preparation for the choir’s concerts, but this depends on their personalities. Conductors are always welcome to attend the rehearsals and help out if there is an issue at the atelier, e.g. if one choir has more difficulties than the others or if there is an emergency, they might be asked to take a split rehearsal etc.


Who can register for the festival?

Any individual, group (a couple, friends or family) or choir (choir or vocal ensemble) can register, regardless of their age and singing background. Europa Cantat is a completely non-competitive festival intended for both amateur and professional singers and choirs of all kinds, levels and age groups as well as choral and orchestra conductors, music teachers, composers, artists, teachers and managers – that is, to all lovers of diverse choral music.


  • You can register as an individual.
  • You can also register as a group as two forms of group application are possible: for a choir (choir/vocal ensemble) OR a group (couple, friends or family). The difference is that choirs are offered additional activities (the choir can perform their own concert).

The participants may register with a group application (as a Choir/Vocal Ensemble or Group) only if they select the same festival package deal (Half Package Deal of 4 days or Full Package Deal of 8 days).
If a part of a group or choir would like to choose another package (e.g. some participants would like to register for a 4-day package while the others would like to attend for all 8 days), they have to register as a separate group.
However, each participant within the group registration can choose their own ateliers – or the same as other members, it’s their choice!
The advantage of a group registration (Choir/Vocal Ensemble or Group) is that one invoice is generated, one registration form is required and all participants are guaranteed a spot in the selected atelier.

ATTENTION: As a rule, one participant = one registration! Individual participants can only register once, otherwise they will be required to pay 2 or more participation fees.
Take a look at the following example: Luka sings in 2 choirs, both of which will register for the festival. He would like to attend the performances of both choirs, but he will nevertheless register as part of one choir only, otherwise he will have to pay 2 participation fees.

When does the registration open?

The registration for the festival opens on 15 December 2020 and will be available for two months until 15 February 2021.

Where can I register for the festival?

You can register for the festival through the app on our website, more precisely here (click) – the registration will be open from 15 December 2020 onwards.
We recommend that you make the registration on your personal computer and NOT on a tablet or phone.

What festival package deals do you offer?

The participants can choose between 2 festival packages:
– Full Package Deal (8 days);
– Half Package Deal (4 days).

Find out MORE about the festival package deals here (click).

Can I make my own festival schedule?

Of course, the festival programme is very flexible and allows you to choose different options.

If you choose a Half Package Deal (4 days), you can attend:

– A chosen 4-day atelier;
– A 4-day Study Tour;
– A 4-day Discovery Atelier programme and/or the PULSE programme.

Note for 4-day ateliers:
You will be required to select the atelier of your choice on the registration form.

Note for 1-day Discovery Ateliers and/or the PULSE programme:
At the moment, it is only possible to register for the entire programme and not for individual workshops and lectures.
These registrations are expected to open in April 2021 once the content and schedule are confirmed.

If you choose a Full Package Deal (8 days), you can attend:

– A chosen 8-day atelier OR
– An 8-day Study Tour OR
– An 8-day Discovery Ateliers programme and/or the PULSE programme.

– A 6-day atelier + (optional) 1–2-day continuation in 1-day Discovery Ateliers and/or PULSE programme OR
– A 6-day atelier + 1–2 free mornings (you only attend the afternoon and evening concerts).

– A 4-day atelier + 1–4 free days (you only attend the afternoon and evening concerts) OR

– A selected 4-day atelier + 1–4-day continuation in 1-day Discovery Ateliers and/or PULSE programme OR

– A 4-day Study Tour + (optional) 1–4-day continuation in 1-day Discovery Ateliers and/or PULSE programme.

Note for continuation in Discovery Ateliers and/or PULSE programme:
The application for optional continuation following the 6- and 4-day workshops will open in April 2021 when the entire content and schedule will be confirmed.
The invitation to apply will be published on our website and sent on the applicant’s e-mail address.

What registration options are available?

The registration can be completed in three ways, i.e. you can register as:

  1. Individual:
    Enter your data and programme wishes and receive the invoice.
  2. Group (couple, friends or family):
    If you know someone who will attend the festival and will choose the same package deal but you are not part of a choir/vocal ensemble, you can register as a group (couple/friends/family) – first you will need to enter the data of the group leader and then the data of other group members. At the end, you will receive 1 invoice for the entire group on the group leader’s e-mail address.
    You are NOT REQUIRED to choose the same ateliers; it is the package deal or the length of the festival (4 or 8 days) that count.

Families with children can register their young ones (4–10 years of age) into a musical kindergarten and DO NOT have to add them to the registration form. More information about this is given in Question 8.

3. Choir/Vocal ensemble

If you register as a choir/vocal ensemble, we ensure that:

  • You can participate at the festival for the same period of time;
  • Those of you who showed interest for the same ateliers can also attend them together;
  • You can let us know whether your choir/vocal ensemble would be interested in participating in “Choir-to-Choir” and “Open-Air” concerts or at the “Night of Choirs” event. The official invitation to register for these events will follow by e-mail no later than by the end of May 2021.
  • You will receive 1 invoice for the entire choir/vocal ensemble.

ATTENTION: If one part of a choir would like to choose another package (e.g. some participants would like to register for a 4-day package while the others would like to attend the festival for all 8 days), they have to register as an individual group.

I would like to attend the festival by myself. Is this possible?

Of course, you can also apply as an individual – no one is required to register as part of a choir/vocal ensemble or group. More information about this is given in Question 6.

I very much want to attend the festival, but my children are very young. What can I do?

The festival offers a musical kindergarten (click).
The musical kindergarten is intended for:

  • Children whose parents attend the festival;
  • Children aged from 4 to 10 years who do not participate in ateliers for children.


  • Morning care (9:00–12:30) when parents attend the ateliers;
  • Afternoon care (14:00–18:00) when parents sing at afternoon concerts.

You have to REGISTER your children for the Musical kindergarten separately from the general festival registration via the following e-mail address:

ATTENTION: Do not include your child on the registration form, otherwise you will have to pay their participation fee as well. You shall make the entire payment for the musical kindergarten service on the spot.

Daily cost is: Country Group 1 – €25.00, Country Group 2 – €20.00, Country Group 3 – €15.00. Find out which Country group you belong to HERE.

Can we introduce our choir to the public by putting on an additional performance within the festival?

Yes, you can. On the registration form, you will be able to indicate whether you wish to perform on:

  • Choir-to-Choir concerts,
  • Open-Air concerts and/or at
  • the Night of Choirs event.

The official invitation to register for these events will follow by e-mail no later than by the end of May 2021.

I registered for the festival, but now I changed my mind. How can I cancel the registration?

All cancellations must be communicated in writing to the following e-mail address: The Cancellation Policy is discussed in the General Terms and Conditions under point 2. They can be found here (click).


Will the festival be postponed for one year due to the current situation?

No, the festival will not be postponed. There are several reasons for that, but, most importantly, the festival will be the largest event during the Slovenian presidency of the European Union and the largest cultural event to mark the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence. With the help of our partners and co-financiers, we decided to carry out the festival within the given time frame.

We remain positive – why should we think otherwise? We are aware of the current limitations, but remain positive. No one can predict the situation in the long run as changes happen on a daily basis. This is why we have no definite answer as to whether we will be able to organise the festival within the planned framework or only partially.

But rest assured that we formulated various scenarios, which will help us make the final decision. The festival cannot be postponed to 2022 due to several different factors.

How will you take care of the participants’ health and safety?

Regardless of the scenario, safety and health of the participants will be our absolute priority. We will follow all the guidelines and safety advice of the competent authorities and institutions.

But we already know that many events (more than initially planned) will be held outdoors, which actually sounds pretty amazing on a summer’s day or eve! 🙂 Good experience from large summer events in 2020 inspire us and make us optimistic, which is why we believe the situation will be similar in the summer of 2021.

What about refunds in case the event is cancelled?

It should be pointed out that the registration process begins in December (from 15 December 2020 to 15 2021), and this step poses no threat to the participants.

We have actually set up a COVID‑19 cancellation policy, which allows for a carefree application and refund (except the €20 handling costs per person). Read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions, which can be found HERE.


What constitutes the festival participation fee?

The participation fee depends on:

  • The chosen package deal (4 or 8 days);
  • Participant’s age (up to 27 years or older);
  • Country of residence (click here), and
  • The participant’s membership in the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC).

What is the price for participation?

You can take a look at the prices here (click).

How can I become member of ECA-EC, the European choral association – Europa Cantat?  

Read all about on ‘How to apply?’ HERE (click).

You can receive significant reductions from the Participation fee, plus the benefit from many other advantages by joining the ECA-EC. You can become a direct member, or you can also be an indirect member through your choral organization.

  • DIRECT members are individuals, families or choirs who are members of the European Choral Association  – Europa Cantat, paying a membership fee to this association.  
  • INDIRECT members are individuals or choirs who are members of a member organisation of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat. The list can be found here.

IMPORTANT: The reduced participation fee for member organisations is only  valid for country groups 1 and 2, NOT for Country group 3. This is also clearly stated on the website here.

How do I know which Country group I belong to? 

Check the list of countries and the group they belong to here (click).

What are the payment deadlines?

The cost of participation consists of the registration fee and the festival ticket.

  • The first part, i.e. the registration fee of €60.00, must be paid upon registration or no later than 15 February 2021. The first part of the payment also implies that the registration is confirmed.
  • The second part, i.e. the festival ticket, accounts for the difference remaining from the entire amount and must be paid by 15 May 2021. If this amount is not paid on time, your registration will be cancelled.

You can read more about the payments in the General Terms and Conditions, which are available here (click).

What is included in the price?

The price includes the following:

  • The selected package deal (of 4 or 8 days);
  • Participation in the atelier of your choice and/or Discovery Ateliers and/or the PULSE educational programmes or Study Tours;
  • Daily participation in Open Singing;
  • One ticked per day for a concert and daily special;
  • The possibility of visiting the concerts and special projects if enough seats are available;
  • Songbook and Festival Brochure;
  • Option for choirs: organisation of a concert (for those who are interested in this, NOT REQUIRED)

What is not included in the price?

The following elements are not included in the price:

  • Atelier scores;
  • Food;
  • Accommodation,
  • Travel costs.

Where can I purchase scores for the chosen atelier?

You will be able to purchase the scores from the website of the festival’s chosen provider of scores once your participation in one of the three chosen ateliers is confirmed.

The link to the online store is expected to be published in May 2021. Please, do not buy scores before then.

What are the operating conditions in case of force majeure (COVID-19)?

You can read more about this in the General Terms and Conditions, which are available here (click).


Are food and accommodation included in the price?

No, food and accommodation are not included in the price.

Where can I find accommodation?

Palma Travel Agency is the official partner of the festival taking care of participants’ accommodation. They have special offers for groups of 8 or more participants (send them an e-mail to

They have also created a separate website for the participants of the festival (click here).

What meals do you offer?

Lunch and dinner will be offered every day of the festival.

Both meals will be served in an air-conditioned and spacious reception hall of Cankarjev dom, which will keep us safe from summer storms and heat. Quality local ingredients, excellent location and food served on real plates – PLASTIC-FREE!

You will be able to choose from different menus for both meals every day. The food will be prepared by the staff of Jezeršek Catering, a respected and Michelin Plate-awarded caterer.

READ MORE about food here (click).

How much does a meal cost?

A single meal costs €11 per person.

Where and when can I book the meals?

You will be able to book the meals upon the registration, which opens on 15 December 2021. You will choose the meals (lunch and/or dinner) for each registered person separately.

The meals can be booked only for the duration of your package deal (4 or 8 days). The money shall not be refunded in case of a skipped meal.

Will there be a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/lactose intolerance option?

Yes, we will offer these options as well. Just make sure you indicate your choice on the registration form.


I am interested in exhibiting and presenting at the EXPO. How shall I proceed?

The call with all the information regarding the EXPO will be published in December (15 December 2020).

I would like to book an advertising space at the Festival. How shall I proceed?

The call with all the information will be published in December when the registrations open (on 15 December 2020).


Commuting between the venues and around Ljubljana.

For the most part, the festival venues will be located in the centre of Ljubljana and therefore within walking distance (from 3 to 20 minutes by foot).

We suggest using the BicikeLJ bike service or public transport for longer distances. More information is available here:

What will the weather look like in Ljubljana in July?   

July means summer for Slovenia, so high temperatures, sunny days and occasional summer storms are expected. 

You can follow Slovenian weather forecast here:   

Getting to Ljubljana by air  

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is located 26 kilometres from Ljubljana (20 minutes by road).  

Flight information : 
T: +386 (0)4 20 61 981  
W: Aerodrom Ljubljana  

Other airports within reasonable distance to Ljubljana :

  1. Airport Graz, Austria: 187 km  
  2. Airport Klagenfurt, Austria: 85 km  
  3. Airport Zagreb, Croatia: 140 km  
  4. Airport Trieste, Italy: 130 km  
  5. Airport Venice, Italy: 230 km 

Getting to Ljubljana by road 

Ljubljana is located at the crossroads of SLovenia’s most important road routes. Motorway access from any of the neighbouring countries is very easy.

Road tax vignettes  

Road tax vignettes must be purchased for the use of Slovenian motorways, 
including the Ljubljana ByPass. The roads where the vignette is required are marked by special vignette signs. Vignettes can be purchased at petrol stations located in the border areas of Slovenia’s neighbouring countries, at petrol stations, post offices and most newspaper kiosks in Slovenia, and at branch offices of the Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS) and other automobile clubs. 

Vignette prices  find HERE.

Traffic information  

The Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads collects and provides information on traffic and road conditions in Slovenia.  
More information:   
T: 1970 or +386 (0)1 518 85 18   
W: Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads  

Getting to Ljubljana by train

The Ljubljana Railway Station is Slovenia’s main railway station. It connects Ljubljana to Trieste, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Prague, Vienna, Graz, Budapest, Zagreb and Belgrade.

Railway is also convenient mean of transport within Slovenia, given that distances within the country are mainly short and travel costs low.


Getting to Ljubljana by bus  

The Ljubljana Bus Station has regular services to all Slovenia’s neighbouring countiries.


I would like to participate in the festival in another way. What are my options?

It’s great to hear that! No Europa Cantat festival has been carried out without the help of volunteers. You can join us if you are older than 15 years! Read more about volunteering here (click).
However, if you would like to be even more involved in the project, you can become a YEMP-er (click)!

What is offered to me as a volunteer?

We offer you the following:

  • Certificate of acquired competencies;
  • Free entrance to concerts and certain workshops in case of open spot
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Hanging out with volunteers from all over the world;
  • Warm meal;
  • Additional benefits.

How long will the registration for volunteers be open?

The registration will be open from 5 December 2020 to 30 April 2021.

What is expected from me as a volunteer?

Volunteers are an indispensable part of the festival’s working scheme. They perform different duties, such as: working at the information stand, working with choirs, on concerts, at venues, ateliers and workshops, working in the festival office and carrying out other office work as well as checking concert tickets, helping out in the communication office etc.

You will be able to indicate the desired workplace on the registration form. However, be careful! The system is based on a “first come, first served” basis, which means you may be reassigned to another position. For example: You indicated the “Working with choirs” position, but enough people have already applied before you. This is why you will be reassigned to another position where more volunteers are needed.

What is the YEMP programme? Is this the same as volunteering?

No, these are two different programmes.

YEMP = Young Event Management Programme is aimed at young event managers. This intensive programme involves practical learning and work at the festival that lasts for a longer period of time: the participants attend online courses in the months leading to the festival, whereas the actual work at the festival lasts from 8 July 2021 to 26 July 2021.

Anyone can work as a volunteer (from the age of 15 onwards), whereas the YEMP programme has an age limit (from 18 to 30 years of age). The number of places in the YEMP programme is limited (to 20) and both Slovenian residents and participants from abroad willing to take part in the programme can apply. Your position is not automatically ensured upon registering to the YEMP programme as a commission needs to assess the application and take the final decision. The YEMP programme is carried out in English.

What benefits are offered to YEMP-ers?

Because the EU co-finances the project, the participants of the YEMP programme are provided food, accommodation and have the possibility to attend concerts and participate in other activities. However, YEMP-ers must cover their own travel costs to Ljubljana.

How long will the registration for the YEMP programme be open?

The registration will be open from 5 December 2020 to 30 January 2021.

What will be the timeline following the registration?

After the registration closing date (i.e. 30 January 2021), the international commission will hold a meeting and select 20 most suitable candidates out of all the applicants. You will be informed whether you will have been selected or not at the end of February. The successful candidates will then receive more detailed work instructions by e-mail.

What happens if I am not selected?

You will be notified at the end of February in case you are not selected. If this happens, we nevertheless encourage you to become a volunteer and thus an indispensable part of the amazing cultural event of 2021. You will be able to communicate your decision on the initial registration form.


Who is the organiser of the festival?

Organised by the European Choral Association (ECA-EC), the Europa Cantat festival has been taking place every three years in a different European city since 1961. The cities interested in holding the festival put forward candidacies that go through a selection process.

The main organiser of the 2021 festival in Slovenia is the The Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities. You can meet the organising team here (click).

Where is it possible to attend religious ceremonies in Ljubljana?

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ljubljana:; Serbian Orthodox Church:; Islamic Community: