Open Singing


🟢 Open Singing is a part of the festival online TV: every morning from 10:15 to 11:15 AM with Jan Schumacher + a small choir live from the Ljubljana EC studio

🟢 LIVE Open Singing will happen on Sunday, 18 July, after both 'Sing to Slovenia' concerts on Novi Trg Square and

🟢 on Thursday, 22 July, before the final festival concert of Ringmasters.

Open Singing is a daily collective open-air singing event where EVERYBODY is invited to join in. It is neither a choral rehearsal nor a choral concert in the strictest sense, but rather an “open” event in which enthusiasts take part freely and for the mere pleasure of group singing.

Led by Jan Schumacher (DE) and Rahela Durič (SI/AT), Open Singing aims to provide both an intensive musical experience and a personal experience of musical success. Pieces compiled for the occasion are included in the Festival Songbook.

Jan Schumacher (DE)

Jan Schumacher is a music director at Goethe-University, Frankfurt. He teaches conducting at the Darmstadt Music Academy and is the conductor of the award-winning ensemble Camerata Musica Limburg, with whom he was invited to perform at ACDA National Conference, IFCM World Symposium and America Cantat Festival. By 2016, he was a professor of conducting at the College of Church Music in Rottenburg. With his ensembles, he builds extensive repertoires from Gregorian chants to world premieres, from symphonic orchestras to Big Bands, dipping as well into vocal or electronic improvisation. Schumacher holds courses for choirs, orchestras and conductors worldwide. He has served as a jury member for several prestigious competitions and is the editor of many choir books.

Rahela Durič (SI/AT)

Rahela Durič, born in Maribor, Slovenia, studied Choral and Orchestral Conducting at the University of Music in Graz, Austria, and graduated in 2013. Currently she serves as an assistant lecturer for choir conducting under Johannes Prinz at Alma mater. She has received various prizes: the Noel Minet prize for ‘the promising young conductor’ at the International competition for young choral conductors in Turin (2015); first prize, audience prize and prize for the best conductor according to the choir at the International conducting competition Aegis Caminis Koper (2019). She leads various choirs, seminars and social-musical (Supercar, Meet4music) projects in different countries.