Listen to the sound of Slovene cuisine and discover its harmony.

Food is life and culture – both at once. Besides its aroma, texture and taste, food also has its rhythm and melody. Thus, just like the most ear-caressing tune, Slovene cuisine too is the finest product of its nation's creativity and spirit.  

The Jezeršek Chefs' Orchestra conducted by maestro-Chef Luka Jezeršek is to honour the event with their rendition of the kitchen symphonies that will include quality local produce, a pinch of sustainability and a spoonful of tradition mixed with modernity.  Dear visitors of the Europa Cantat Festival, brace yourselves for the harmony of Slovenian tastes!

Are you prepared to be amazed by mouthwatering melody? Tune in and join us for lunch and dinner in a beautiful atmosphere of a climate-cooled hall!

Slovenia – European Region of Gastronomy

Slovenia was awarded the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 in recognition of the country’s efforts to support a high quality of life, sustainable living, and sustainable development of gastronomy. You will also be able to get a taste of this project at the Europa Cantat Festival. Culinary tourism, which supports local self-sufficiency, connects rural and urban areas, and emphasises the importance of a healthy diet, will play a role in the culinary experience of our festival.