If you want to gain invaluable intercultural experiences by working in an international team, this open call is for you! We'll provide special benefits throughout the project, and at the end of the festival, we will provide you with a certificate of participation - which is the best gift you can give to yourself as it is added value to your CV. You need to be +15 years old.

The festival provides a lot of workplace options, but do not hesitate with your application. As we are Slovenian, we always go by saying: "First come, first served." :)

The application has closed on 30th of April 2021!

Young Event Management Programme (YEMP).

YEMP’s fifth edition will be all about providing young and talented choral organisers with a unique training-on-the-job opportunity.

Open invitations for young, talented organisers is designed for young aspiring managers (18 - 30 years old). It unites digital competencies, an intense course and work-based learning, all within the Europa Cantat Festival 2021.  

Learn from the best and become one of the 20 lucky enthusiasts who are to the make the cut and join the colourful international team. 

The application has closed on 31st of January 2021.

Meet the coaches

Nastja Kacijan Prajnc

Nastja Kacijan Prajnc is a student of English Studies and History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor. She is a dancer, so she has been connected to music all her life. She came in contact with choral singing through her student work for the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, and she has enjoyed working with musical artists ever since. She has been helping at regional competitions and events, and she worked at the International Choral Competitions Gallus Maribor and the National Adult Choral Competition Naša Pesem. Nastja is very organized and skilled worker and her passion is working with an international team. She is a helpful asset to the team because of her love for people and a special individual approach to all of the YEMPers. 

Iva Radulović

Iva Radulovic is Operations Manager at International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM). She finished her studies in Belgrade, Serbia, at the Faculty of Music Arts, where she graduated musicology in 2011 and completed a master's degree in the same Faculty 2013. She was an Executive director of Jeunesse Musicales Belgrade, where she organized one of the most prominent classical music competition in Belgrade in 2015. From 2015 until 2019, she was Executive Director of the Academic cultural-artistic society "Branko Krsmanovic." During her mandate, she developed a stable structure for the Society working with more than 300 members, students of the University of Belgrade. She developed a strong network for young people in the cultural field.  In the international field, she started as a member of the YEMP (Young Event Manager Program) of ECA-EC in 2012. After that, she was a member of the Youth Committee of ECA-EC and participated in organizing some of Europe's major choral events: Europa Cantat 2012, Europa Cantat Junior, Eurochoir, Europa Cantat 2015. During her mandate in the Youth Committee of ECA-EC, she was one of the project leaders of YEMP 3 in Pecs 2015. She was also a member of the Artistic Committee and representative of Jeunesse Musicales International for the World Youth Choir session in 2016.

Become a volunteer and be a part of the biggest cultural festival in the history of Slovenia!

  • You do not have any plans between 16th and 25th July 2021?
  • You can also be available for a few days before 16th July?
  • Do you love music in all its various forms?
  • Are you interested in meeting new people from all over the world?
  • Do you wish to join a Slovene event everyone sings praise of?

We offer

  • Admission free concerts and several workshops;
  • Flexible worktime arrangements;
  • A warm meal;
  • A certificate for your professional portfolio;
  • Great time with professionals from all over the world;
  • Many more perks!

Become a Volunteer!

Application forms available in December 2020.

Why become a YEMPer?

  • Get involved in two-week work-based learning programme at one of the major global choral festivals;
  • Get tutored by accomplished mentors; 
  • Try out different work fields (individuals will be selected based on their preference);
  • Attempt various learning techniques: online learning, workshops and lectures before the festival and on-the-job learning during the actual event;
  • Gain a unique and unparalleled experience!

Additional information

  • The selection procedure will be carried out by an international committee. 
  • No participation fee.
  • Selected candidates are required to cover their travel expenses.
  • Selected candidates are required to complete the entire programme as well as be available throughout the festival. Work field and work/free time schedules will be set in agreement with mentors.

Who can apply?

  • Candidates aged between 18 and 30;
  • Management majors or individuals with a keen interest in event organisation. Preference will be given to applicants involved in choral music;
  • Motivated individuals who are willing to make professional development in the field of international event organisation.
  • Candidates must be active speakers of English (or more languages).