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Payments (excerpt from Terms and conditions)

The first part of the Participation Fee (Registration Fee) costs €60,00 (including VAT) per person, regardless of the membership status, Country Group or age of the participants. This sum must be paid before the application deadline, i.e. by 15th February 2021 to confirm the registration, and it will only be refunded under exceptional circumstances.

The second part of the Participation Fee (festival ticket) must be paid by 15th May 2021. If the Participation Fee is not paid by the participant/group/choir by 15th  May 2021, the registration shall be considered cancelled.

Only non-cash payment is possible (direct bank transfer, credit card or PayPal). The administration fee is 2.5 %. The payment can be also made via PayPal (additional payment costs shall be charged according to the PayPal pricelist).

The full Terms and conditions are available in .pdf file above.

Covid-19 (excerpt from Terms and conditions)

If participants have to cancel their participation due to the following reasons related to Covid-19, they are entitled to a full refund of the Participation fee (registration fee & festival ticket), minus €20,00 handling costs per person:

– Participants come from a country that is considered a risk by the Slovenian government so that they cannot
travel or would be forced to go into quarantine after entering the country;
– Slovenia is considered a risk by the government in the country of residence of the participants, and they
would thus be forced to go into quarantine upon their return from Slovenia;
– A flight/bus /train was cancelled due to Covid-19.

In all cases participants will have to provide proof (printouts of official lists of risk countries, the proof of cancellation of travel) with an indication of the reason for cancelling.
The participant/group/choir can pay by non-cash payment (direct bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card). The administration fee is 2.5%
The full Terms and conditions are available in .pdf file above.