Unfortunately, the very core of our festival, the ateliers of 4-days, 6-days and 8-days as well as the Study Tour will have to be cancelled completely. The reasons for this are that the Slovenian authorities do not wish to increase the risks of mass infections by bringing many people from different countries together and let them sing together in large groups for several days .

Singers (individually, with a family or a group of friends, or in a choir) can explore the versatile repertoire, different genres and vocal techniques in one of the many ateliers led by world-renowned conductors.

The levels of ateliers:

  • A - for everybody - view all
  • B - for good sight readers and singers who come prepared - view all
  • C - for choirs and singers who audition and come prepared - view all
  • D - for national and regional youth choirs, upon invitation and audition - view all