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Music EXPO

24. February 2021

The Europa Cantat festival provides a unique opportunity for singers, music publishers, event and competition organisers alike.

In addition to the rich festival programme, we will set up an exhibition area called Music EXPO, which will give a chance to anyone wishing to present their work to the international choral public.

You can use the exhibition space to present and sell your own scores and musical accessories and promote choral competitions and events, which will allow you to display your work to the wider public.

Music EXPO will be open throughout the festival (from 17 to 24 July) between 13:00 and 19:30. It will be located right in the middle of all action in Foyer I of Cankarjev dom, which is only a 5 minutes’ walk away from the main outdoor festival stage.

Exhibitors can find all the technical information and price list HERE.

Applications are open until 31 May 2021. Please apply HERE.

Visitors – Stopping by the exhibition area is a great way to purchase various scores and musical accessories, but also meet new people, which may open up new opportunities for guest performances in the future. Don’t miss it!