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How ”to read” the EC programme?

26. August 2020

Autumn is nearly here, which means we are less than a year away from the Europa Cantat Festival! It will be amazing to join voices with choral music enthusiasts again after three years (or perhaps for the first time ever)!

The Europa Cantat Festival traditionally boasts a rich and stylistically diverse programme that aims to educate and broaden musical horizons. This is quite easy to achieve thanks to experienced professional mentors.

The 2021 Europa Cantat Festival programme has already been published on our website at the end of June. Many of you are already familiar with the festival and its specifics. But if you are new to the group, do take a look at the following explanation of the festival programme.

Ateliers are the heart of the programme

The main section of the programme, which can be accessed by clicking the Programme button at the top of our website or the green Programme box a bit lower down, are ateliers – intensive morning workshops for specific genres led by one or more world-renowned mentors. The list of all the available ateliers can be accessed HERE.

As you can see, each atelier has its own code (example: A1, B12, C3 etc.). The letter denotes the level of difficulty (from A to D) and the number means the number of the atelier.

A-level ateliers require no prior preparation and offer a less difficult programme. B-level ateliers are more challenging and therefore appropriate for singers and choirs that can read scores and come prepared. C-level ateliers are demanding and intended for experienced singers and choirs who prepare for the workshops in advance. Some of them may have to provide a recording to qualify. D-level ateliers are designed for invited national and other youth choirs.

Each level of difficulty contains ateliers for singers and choirs of different ages and types – children’s and youth choirs, choirs of equal voices, mixed choirs aged up to 30 years, mixed choirs with no age limit, vocal groups etc. As you can see, any singer can find an atelier that suits their age group and level of difficulty.

In atelier descriptions you will find information about the duration of each atelier (4, 6 or 8 days) and also the date of the final concert presenting the repertoire that the group will have worked on during the festival.

Click on the atelier of your choice and read a short description of the topic and focus area (e.g. music from a certain geographical area, historical period, composer, style etc.). You can also check the mentor’s CV and get to know them.

This is it, you now have all the information you need. Have a lovely time exploring your favourite ateliers that will suit you the most. We are curious to see the three of your choice … 🙂