Slovenian folk music

dr. Urša Šivic (SI) and dr. Tomaž Simetinger (SI)

Category: Repertoire/Didactic approaches

Slovenia is a small country that lies at a crossroads of different cultures, which is reflected in its folk music. In this course, we will learn about the musical heritage, listen to the oldest recordings and modern folk music, take notice of how singing and playing music changed over time in different regions of Slovenia, and compare folk music in its various forms.

DR. URŠA ŠIVIC (SI) has a PhD in musicology and is employed at the Institute of Ethnomusicology of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU). She specialises in the theory of Slovenian vocal tradition, focusing on the influence of institutionalised standards on the transformation of traditional singing and the impact other musical genres have on folk music. Throughout the years, she has been cooperating with JSKD as an adjudicator at meetings of folk music interpreters and lecturer at workshops and seminars.

dr. Urša Šivic (SI)

DR. TOMAŽ SIMETINGER (SI) is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist as well as author of numerous professional and academic texts. By studying dance and music in Slovenia and in the wider European area, he unites field and archival research with artistic interpretation as a choreographer, lecturer and teacher that regularly cooperates with JSKD and other institutions.

dr. Tomaž Simetinger (SI)
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