Seniors in the spotlight

Silvija Pročkytė (LT)(Youth Comittee, ECA-EC) and Monika Lojen (SI)

Category: Repertoire/Didactic approaches

Are you eager to learn additional strategies and practical tips on how to care for ageing voices in your choir? Would you like to know more about the current research on this topic? Do you want to educate yourself on the benefits of choral singing for senior singers?

More and more professional articles and research are being written on the positive effects singing in a choir can have on the lives of the singers, on examples of good practice, on various vocal techniques… To all this professional musical knowledge, we can add our knowledge about the third age and details about the characteristics of educational gerontology. As responsible choir leaders, we can combine all this knowledge in our work and prepare a “cocktail” of content for the quality management of a senior choir.

The Youth Committee consists of 6 members throughout Europe plus one young representative of the next EUROPA CANTAT festival who are in love with choral music. Throughout 2020, the Youth Committee has been conducting several surveys concerning the involvement of young people in the work of the choral sector and gathering success stories to inspire organisations all over the world to increase the opportunities for young people in all of their organisational structures. The Committee moderated a senior choir’s project and organised the European Video Award on the Benefits of Collective Singing.

Music and singing have accompanied MONIKA LOJEN (SI) all her life. After finishing primary school, she continued her education at the Grammar school Celje – Center and later enrolled at the Faculty of Education in Maribor, majoring in Music Pedagogy. She has been intensively involved in choir conducting for 27 years. She has led various choral ensembles and is currently leading the Senior Choir of Celje, taking it under her baton again after ten years.

Co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme.

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