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Listen to EC concerts

19. July 2021

You will be able to follow the next few concerts via live radio broadcast of the 3rd programme of Radio Slovenia – ARS.

✨ 19. 7. 2021 – 19.00: Singer Pur

✨ 21. 7. 2021 – 17.00: Slovenian Philharmonic Choir

✨ 21. 7. 2021 – 21.00: St. Stanislav Girls’ Choir

✨ 22. 7. 2021 – 17.00: Megaron Chamber Choir & Chamber Choir of Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana

All times are GMT+2.

The Third Programme of Radio Slovenia has a special place in the national radio programme output, because it is dedicated to the areas of culture, art, science and education. It is often named the programme for gourmets: as many as three quarters of the programme are occupied by music, especially serious music, extending from classical music to the latest music pieces. The Programme ARS also broadcasts radio plays, literary broadcasts, professional and scientific essays. The programme orientation of Programme Art makes it a unique culture-arts programme in the country comparable only to such programmes of other EBU members.