Young Slovenian Composers

Ambrož Čopi (SI)

Kategorija: Repertoire/Didactic approaches

This lecture touches on the importance of a stimulating environment, promotion and cooperation between choirs, conductors, singers, publishers and institutions for the education of the new generation of Slovenian composers. It presents stylistic diversity, exploration of new dimensions of sound and connection with the past in the works Vulc, Forte, Makor, Bec, Kastelic and others.

AMBROŽ ČOPI (SI) is a composer, conductor, teacher, music motivator and organizer. Already as a young teacher he would encourage his students to create choral music and in time, he became the mentor of Slovenia’s youngest generation of composers. With his choirs, he has stimulated the creation of new works and his collaboration with aspiring composers and creators always proves prolific. His original works, recorded on four CDs, regularly appear on stages around the world. Čopi has led many a Slovene choir and achieved enviable results at home competitions (15 gold plaques) and internationally (26 first places). Currently, he conducts the KGBL Chamber Choir and APZ UP, both ranking among the top Slovenian choir ensembles. For exceptional achievements in music, he has received highest national awards.

Ambrož Čopi (SI)
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