Musica Femina: Repertoire by women composers

Maria Goundorina (BG/DE)

Category: Repertoire/Didactic approaches

Women can compose! Today more female composers are active than ever before. Maria Goundorina, who recorded an entire CD in 2016 exclusively with choral works by female composers, gives an overview of the current status in this lecture and presents selected female composers and some of their works.

MARIA GOUNDORINA (BG/DE) was born in Novosokolniki in Russia and grew up near Moscow, where she started singing in choirs at the age of seven and took up conducting when she was fifteen. She studied conducting at the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music College and the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (with Boris Tevlin), musicology at the University of Vienna and later at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Anders Eby. Her ideals in terms of choral sound have been influenced by these cities and her studies. Since 2010 Maria has been artistic director of Allmänna Sången. Since 2015 Maria has been teaching choral singing at Adolf Fredrik Musikklasser.

Maria Goundorina (BG/DE)
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