The Laban system for Choir conductors

Dominique Tille (CH)

Category: Repertoire/Didactic approaches

The movement analysis theories of Rudolf Laban have helped Tille understand at a deeper level how movement can tell a story and inspire a choir musically. At the end of this one-hour session you would have new elements to add to your choral conductor toolbox.

Dominique Tille, born 1980, is the founder of several ensembles in Switzerland and plays an important role in the development of Swiss choral music. He studied in his native Lausanne and Geneva and underwent additional training at the Berlin University of Arts. He also spent four years in New York, where he studied movement, acting and non-classical singing.
Well-known for his energy, dynamism and eagerness to explore music’s power, Tille combines strong professionalism with a light-hearted approach. Those who have worked with him, recognize him as a “stylistic chameleon.”

Dominique Tille (CH)

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