Choireography For Canons

Panda van Proosdij (NL), Tom Johnson (BE)

Type: Education

From movement to music. Panda teaches and creates choireography for canons and turns it into an innovative experience of learning music. All the senses will be activated in an organic way while going through the material of 18 brand new canons by 6 young composers from all over the world. In this atelier you will learn 1 or 2 canons of this project produced by Helbling Publishing.

Panda van Proosdij studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. She has been a teacher at the Codarts Music Theatre in Rotterdam and worked with the Netherlands Female Youth Choir as a movement coach and director. For 13 years, van Proosdij has been working on her method ‘From Voice & Physique to Choireography’. She gives workshops and masterclasses all over the world and creates Choireography for different choirs. In April 2014, her book ‘Voice & Physique’ was published and her second book ‘Choireography’ was launched in April 2019. As an atelier leader, Panda van Proosdij has taken part in different European festivals (Europa Cantat, Eurotreff, Choralies etc.).

Panda van Proosdij (NL)

Tom Johnson, born 1988, is a violinist and a choral conductor.
He finds singing one of the most accessible forms of making music. Johnson reaches out to all groups in society: children and adults, choirs and schools, professionals and beginners, and hopes everyone can experience the joy of singing. It is his personal goal to combine this fun and playful style with a professional and vocal approach. He propagates his ideas to future conductors and teachers to make singing an important part of our society.

Tom Johnson (BE)
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