Breathing Life Into Music with Katarina Henryson (formerly of The Real Group) and Kim Nazarian (New York Voices)

Kim Nazarian (US), Katarina Henryson (SE)

Type: Vocal Jazz

Using material from both of their ensemble careers, Katarina and Kim will share their expertise on how to take a 2-dimensional piece of paper and turn it into a living, breathing organism: MUSIC! They will take excerpts from “A LIFEtime takes a Lifetime to Fulfill” by Peder Karlsson and “In My LIFE” (Lennon and McCartney arranged by Darmon Meader) and help 20 singers create something tangible with contour, texture and shape … the use of consonants for rhythm, elision for line, phrasing, dynamics, and stacked vertical vowels for ringing chords are just a few of the elements they will explore. All of these tools will allow the singers to be more expressive, encourage them to listen more, and communicate human emotion through both vulnerability and courage. Join Kim and Katarina as they lift the notes off the page and fill the air with music that is actually alive! 

Kim Nazarian (US) is a world renowned performing Grammy-nominated jazz artist, educator and clinician. Besides her work as a sought-after solo vocalist, she has been performing all over the world with the vocal group New York Voices (NYV) for more than 30 years. She is a jazz voice teacher via Skype for Vocal Jazz Majors at Ithaca College and she shares her perspectives on music and life as a musician through teaching private students in clinics, workshops, jazz camps and masterclasses, as well as through festival adjudication and guest conducting for singers on all levels in the US and abroad.

Kim Nazarian (US)

A founding member of the Swedish vocal group “The Real Group”. Since 2016, Katarina Henryson (US) has been focusing on creative vocal formats that can best be described as performance arts. She also gives workshops, lectures and concerts. “My artistic theme and my driving force are to work with sonic and visual environments that invite people to communicate with themselves, each other and the space they are in, without a hierarchical structure. To get in touch with the curiosity and hope we possess as individuals as well as groups.”

Katarina Henryson (SE)

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