Women for women

Women For Women aims to create a uniquely female music space, as the songs chosen are both composed and interpreted by women. The space is riddled with excruciating war pain, paralyzing fear of oblivion, but also with Love and Desire to realize oneself as a Natural Woman.


Eva Ugalde (1973):
MISERERE (Psalm 86:3,5,1)

Selga Mence (1953):
KUR TU BIJI, BĀLELIŅI? (Agris Pilsums)

Nana Forte (1981):
LENOBA (Andrej Rozman)

Meredith Monk (1984):
PANDA CHANT II (onomatopoeic syllables)

Carol King (1942), Gerri Goffin (1939–2014), Jerry Wexler (1917–2008)/Deke Sharon (1967), Anne Raugh (1962):
A NATURAL WOMAN (Carol King, Gerri Goffin, Jerry Wexler)

The participants will be able to attend the atelier with original scores only. The use of photocopies shall not be permitted. We will offer affordable set of sheet music specified by the mentor of the atelier. The participants will be able to purchase them only after receiving the confirmation of participation in the chosen atelier. The link to the online store will be published here in April 2021.


Elisenda Carrasco Ribot (ES)

Elisenda Carrasco Ribot (ES)
Barcelona-born Elisenda Carrasco Ri-bot, a secondary music school teacher, is a graduate of Orchestral Conducting, Composition and Music Education. She has taught and conducted for over thirty years, thus reaching expertise with choirs, specially children's and equal voices.In L'Auditori, Barcelona, Carrasco Ribot collaborates with the symphonic-choral programmes and co-directs Cantània. In addition, she conducts El Cor Infantil Sant Cugat, El Cor Canta, and Voxalba, a female chamber choir. Equipped with both dynamism and vision, Carrasco Ribot enthusiastically broadens groups' musical horizons both technically and sound wise.