The passing nature of beauty

This atelier is going to deal with three main topics: the passing nature of beauty, silence and listening, and the relationship between sentient beings. Corresponding to the tree focal points, three pieces will be used to symbolize beauty – silence – relationship. The three threads will then be to woven into a delicate musical performance. For sensitive souls only!

Repertoire (SA)

Klaus Kühling (1933–2013):
SAKURA, SAKURA (Japanese folk song)

Wolfram Buchenberg (1962):
SILERE ET AUDIRE (St. Anselm of Canterbury)


The participants will be able to attend the atelier with original scores only. The use of photocopies shall not be permitted. We will offer affordable set of sheet music specified by the mentor of the atelier. The participants will be able to purchase them only after receiving the confirmation of participation in the chosen atelier. The link to the online store will be published here in April 2021.


Yoshihisa Matthias Kinoshita (DE)

Yoshihisa Matthias Kinoshita (DE)
Yoshihisa Matthias Kinoshita, a German-Japanese conductor, studied at the Cologne University of Music. In addition, he graduated in music therapy in 2008. Since 1989, he has been the music director of the Wolfratshauser Children’s Choir. In this distinctive choir, children are not selected according to their musical or vocal talent, yet in 1998, his Choir managed to win the German Choir Championship. Kinoshita is a lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. He has led workshops all over the world.