Greetings from the Mediterranean

In the atelier, we will be feasting on traditional and original songs from the various Mediterranean countries. The pieces will be passionate and joyous as well as spiritual, just as their diversity reflects the daily lives of people who have not yet forgotten to celebrate life in fullness. We will sing and dance, and journey through music so as to touch upon the faraway lands.

Repertoire (SA, SSA)

José Ramón Gomis (1856–1939)/Norman Luboff (1917–1987):
A LA NANITA NANA (Francisco Muñoz)

ALAIKI MINI ASSALAM (Algerian popular song)

Nira Chen (1924)/Doreen Rao (1950):
DODI LI (Song of Songs 2:16; 6:6; 4:9; 4:16)

Jaume Ayats (1960): ISABEL (folk song from Catalonia)

Orlando Dipiazza (1929–2013):
TARANTELLA LUCANA (traditional dance from Lake Sirino, Italy)

YA DINI MAHALA (folk song from Tunisia)

Josep Vila i Casañas (1966):
LA CARTA DE NAVEGAR (folk song from Catalonia)

The participants will be able to attend the atelier with original scores only. The use of photocopies shall not be permitted. We will offer affordable set of sheet music specified by the mentor of the atelier. The participants will be able to purchase them only after receiving the confirmation of participation in the chosen atelier. The link to the online store will be published here in April 2021.


Gloria Coma Pedrals (ES)

Gloria Coma Pedrals (ES)
Gloria Coma Pedrals is the conductor of Cor Infantil de l'Orfeó Català-Palau de la Música Catalana, which won third prize at Cantonigròs Festival in 2013. She is also one of the singing coaches of Orfeó Català. She has won prizes conducting children and youth choirs, and performed as a solo soprano in various roles. She studied conducting with Mireia Barrera, Josip Vila Casañas, Pierre Cao, Johan Duijck, and Harry Christophers, and graduated from Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Singing and Interpretation with Margarida Natividade.