Europa Cantat TV Archive – Daily reportages

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Day 1Denis Rondič and Ivan Koruza (ECTV journalists) talk about the Choral Photopromenade in Tivoli city park with Mihela Jagodic (programme manager of the Festival); they meet the EuroChoir at the rehearsal (Flannery Ryan, Bernie Sherlock, Kevin Hernández, Anna Torazzi), and check out the Europa Cantat offices backstage with Jan Pirnat (JSKD).Video
Day 2Denis Rondič and Ivan Koruza (EC TV), Darko Vidic (JSKD), and the Strmole family present the first concert of the Festival: Familyvision Song Event. The EC TV journalists take a look behind the scenes of the preparations for the Opening Ceremony (Katarina Henryson, Boštjan Romih, Marcus Schmidl), and after the Gala they interview the Honorary Patron of the Festival, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr Borut Pahor about his impressions. At the end of the reportage, part of the EC TV team (Juš Hostnik, Alberto Palacin Fernández, Henrike Schauerte) shares its experience and challenges of working in television and presents the content that Festival television brings to its viewers.Video
Day 3What’s happening in Ljubljana? On the third day of the Festival Ivan and Denis (EC TV) point out two special concerts at the Slovenian Philharmonic called Sing to Slovenia, where 16 choirs pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of Republic Slovenia’s independence. Sebastjan Vrhovnik (conductor of the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana Chamber Choir), a singer of the National Catalan Youth Choir, and Gregor Habjanič and Gašper Mramor (both The Institute for Bass Sciences and The Great Bass Choir) present their reflections on participating in the project. Following this, a contribution about the concert and the music performed by the Danish vocal group Postyr. In an interview with two of their members (Lucas Minh Hoang, Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning) we discover the link between the worlds of choral and electronic music.Video
Day 4Prior to the concert at the Slovenian Philharmonic, three of the members of the vocal group Singer Pur (Claudia Reinhard, Markus Zapp, Manuel Warwitz) summarise their thoughts and feelings about the concert programme and their comeback to the concert stages of Ljubljana. And Jasna Žitnik (JSKD), the coordinator of the guest vocal groups from abroad, presents the challenges that the pandemic has posed to the Festival organisers.Video
Day 5Sophie Dowden and Dermot O’Callaghan (European Choral Association – ECA) present the EPIC project and the importance of bringing young musicians together through the EuroChoir project. Pere Lluís Biosca (conductor of The Catalan National Yout Choir), Rebeka Dobravc (singer of Chamber Choir of the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana) and Linda Laurson (Austrian National Youth Choir manager) speak about the work of the National youth choirs and the challenges of organising this year’s National Youth Choir Atelier. Ivan Koruza and Denis Rondič (EC TV) conclude the day’s reportage at Congress Square – at the Festival’s biggest concert party with the Perpetuum Jazzile Choir, introduced by Kristjan Virtič and Nastja Vodenik.Video
Day 6This coverage brings some interesting concert highlights from Cankarjev dom, where three excellent concerts took place. Aldo Jesús Ubarte and Lucija Haab (EuroChoir) share their experience of singing in the EuroChoir with the EC TV team, Gary Graden (conductor) presents his view on the many benefits of choral singing, and speaks about his work and the concert programme performed with the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir. A statement by Helena Fojkar Zupančič (conductor of the St Stanislav Girls’ Choir of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium) and excerpts from the concert by the outstanding St Stanislav Girls’ Choir of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium conclude the last daily reportage of the Festival.Video