Choirs’ Showcase

Participating choirs are invited to perform their repertoires at the Festival’s Night of Choirs, Open-Air or indoor Choir to Choir concerts. Let us know about your interest in your Festival Registration Form.

Night of Choirs

Feel the magic and join us for a night to remember, a special night of “singing streets and courtyards.” May you be caressed by choral singing and other original performances that will transform the old city centre into a giant stage. A multitude of Ljubljana’s historic sites (staircases of the Ljubljana City Hall, the Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery; scenic locations in Park Tivoli and others) will become one-night-only music venues, and treat listeners to vocal delights. Choirs’ performances will last 30 minutes each. To end, choirs will reconvene in two locations (Cekin Castle and the Tivoli Promenade) and perform together under the direction of several renowned directors.

Choir-to-Choir Concerts

Would you be interested in sharing the stage with another choir? Our afternoon concerts are the answer! We invite all choirs who are eager to stand shoulder to shoulder with their foreign singing colleagues to prepare a 30-minute program and blow the audiences away with attractive combinations and unexpected vocal mergers.

Open-Air Concerts  

The main festival stage in Novi trg Square will see atelier-performance-free afternoons filled with short vocal displays that will be carried out by participating choirs. Enjoy dynamic 15-minute performances that fit any taste and spice up your summer days Europa Cantat way.